Halina Paulette Electric

The Halina Paulette Electric feels cheap, looks cheap and sounds cheap. I’m not sure where I found it, or how long I’ve had it, but there is something rather cool about its styling that gives me a little shiver.

The 35mm viewfinder camera was made in Hong Kong by Haking in the 1960s, with a 45mm, f2.8 lens. The ‘electric’ bit is the light meter (altogether, “ooo”) that doesn’t seem to make much sense at first, kind of works, and gives ok-ish readings. Allegedly it can be focused (apparently not using my eyes) but the ISO settings, shutter and aperture are easy to work. I took the camera and a roll of 400 Tri-X  for a walk to Whitley Bay last weekend. It was bloody freezing, and a pair of ice skates would have been more suitable footwear. The sun was shining, but Whitley Bay was still the depressing sight you imagine it to be in early February.

I got a shot of a couple walking along the promenade eating ice cream. I think it was about -6 on the seafront so I can only assume the ice-cream was to keep them warm. Or maybe it was to take their mind off the frozen dog poo I stubbed my toe on. Still… the cafe had a lovely table for al-fresco dining, so not all bad, eh?


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