Double Identity

My ongoing twins series, entitled Double Identity, has just gone live on my website. I’m still looking for more identical twins of all ages to take part so please do get in touch if you are one/know one (or two)! I’ve posted one of the final images below, along with an outline of my series. You can see more photographs here.

Identical twins endure a particular struggle with identity. Their search for self is dominated by their twin status – an intense bond defined by conflict, companionship, love, competition, sharing and separation.

As well as their own separate identity, twins also share a distinct identity AS a twin. Essentially, they have double identities — as individuals and as an identical pair

My project aims to avoid direct physical comparisons between twins while allowing the viewer to acknowledge and accept the twins’ similarities and differences. For the twin, it gives them a different perspective on their double identities and poses questions about their relationship as well as their desire – or lack of desire – to be an individual, and  live completely separate lives.


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