Commissioned work

I was recently commissioned by Home Group to produce some artwork for the reopening of one of their residential buildings in Newcastle. My brief was to produce large scale prints for the foyer area, featuring former resident Brendan, to fit the centre’s motto Let’s Live, Let’s Learn, Let’s Work, using the logo colours.

Brendan, 19, has certainly fulfilled the philosophy and ethos of the organisation. Having previously lived and studied at the centre, he now supports the current clients and helps teach the skills needed to create better lives for themselves.

Talking to Brendan about his life helped me to develop my concept for the series. He has not had an easy few years, but is an incredibly positive, mature, inspiring and hard-working person. He is, without doubt, his own man, and, as such, I wanted to reflect his individuality in the images through the use of his arm tattoos in an abstract way. I also wanted to work with the confident colours and clean lines of the renovated building, and place Brendan within that context. This is my favourite image from the series.


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